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'most New In North Licenses Driver's Secure Wisconsin Wluk America'

By Marco Ovo Queso Polo , in Local News , at September 3, 2015 Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

Don’t be shocked the next time you get on an Aggie Spirit bus and are asked to show proper identification before boarding. After complaints of crowded busses from students and faculty, university bus drivers are now actually implementing the rule that has been in place since the beginning of the Aggie Transportation system.

'most New In North Licenses Driver's Secure Wisconsin Wluk After this semi-recent announcement that Texas A&M transportation would be requiring valid student ID cards in order to use their services, sales of novelty ID cards in the Bryan/College Station area have boomed. A novelty ID provider, who asks to remain unnamed, has told The Mugdown that his sales are up 120% since the newfound enforcement of the rule.

'most New In North Licenses Driver's Secure Wisconsin Wluk “We have orders flying through the doors. We haven’t been this busy since Aggies started to care about football again, and people were buying IDs so that their out of town friends and family could get into the student section for games,” our source said.

The highest quality identification cards sold run for about $120, however, if you get a group of students together, the price can go down to around $70 per person. The provider tell us that the cards are as legitimate as it gets, except for the label on the back that states that the card is indeed a novelty item. “You can easily scratch that off, nobody even checks the back of the ID when you get on the bus” our source said. Hole Gap A Fudge Hot ing Sundae

You are even able to pre-load your novelty identification card with dining dollars that can be used at a variety of dining establishments throughout campus. “All that you need to provide is a clear picture taken against a white or similar solid colored wall, a name for the novelty ID card, and a nine digit number to be used as your UIN. We’ll do the rest” says the ID maker.

There are currently plans in the works for a fake paper ID template that can be easily purchased and downloaded on your own computer in the comfort of your own home. The effectiveness of this method has not been confirmed yet, but The Provider assures us that if enough skin is shown and the right bus is boarded, 60 percent of the time the paper ID works every time.

The IDs are also available for Blinn students who told their graduating class that they were actually attending Texas A&M.


Marco Ovo Queso Polo

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Starting later this month, Wisconsin residents will be getting new driver's licenses and ID cards that the state Division of Motor Vehicles touts as the most secure in North America.The polycarbona...New Wisconsin driver's licenses 'most secure in North America' | WLUK
'most New In North Licenses Driver's Secure Wisconsin Wluk America' 'most New In North Licenses Driver's Secure Wisconsin Wluk America'